The fourth issue of ICE HOLE – Live Art Journal is published on Monday 16th of May 2016. It is edited by Jörn J. Burmester and Janne Saarakkala and it is produced in cooperation with BONE 18 Performance Art Festival that was held in Bern, Switzerland, 1.-6. December 2015. All the writers of the issue were involved in the program and all the videos were shot in Bern. The festival theme “Schools of… connectivity, relatedness, networks of Performance Art” is under scrutiny. Issue #4 is about teaching and learning Performance Art – is it possible, and if so, where and how? Members of the famous performance art collective Black Market International give their views about it in a video interview. Ex-lecturerer Dani Ploeger, performance artist Burmester and performance art student Jürgen Bogle tackle the question in their articles. Saarakkala is corresponding from the class rooms of Fluid Academy. On the opening video Ann Liv Young and acting students present their result of a three day course on performance art and end up having a row with the audience. Besides the theme, Evamaria Schaller, Klara Schilliger, Florian Feigl and Helge Meyer perform one or two minutes with Madame Bovary in front of the camera. And we are already proud to present Schaller’s Black Market International 30th anniversary documentary from Bern on September 1st!

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Backround: We’ve been working on Esitys Magazine for nine years now. Esitys (fin. performance) was created to expand the scope of art journalism in Finland and to create a dialogical space for Live Art discourse in Finnish. Most of the writers that have contributed to the magazine have been artists themselves writing peer-reviews, articles, interviews, essays, columns and more. As we’ve explored the textual space of performing arts in the Finnish context it was time to join the international conversation. ICE HOLE – Live Art Journal, containing both texts and videos, was launched in January 2015. It has two publications annually and it is published by Reality Research Centre.